Mass Edit & Replace

customertrax 1. Handle CRM 1.0

Mass Edit allows you to change 3 primary things, ownership, status, and dates. Additionally you can change call frequency and account classification en masse. This function is designed to make it easier to assign or reassign accounts, calls, opportunities, etc. en masse. Click here for directions on enabling mass editing.

If the user has been deactivated you can still search the users account to move the accounts to an active user.  When looking for the record manager, scroll through the active user and you will see the inactive user list to select from.

  1. From any search result grid select one or multiple items using the check box
  2. The Edit option will display at the top of the grid
  3. Click it to edit the selected items

Selecting Edit from Accounts will give the following options:

  • Append – adds user assignments to that account
  • Remove – removes user assignments to that account
  • Class – changes the classification on the selected accounts
  • Call Frequency – allows you to select the manager type and change the call frequency

Selecting from Activity and other search grids will give the following edit options:

  • Append – adds owners to and item
  • Remove – removes owners from
  • Dates – changes the date and time
  • Status – changes the status

Mass Edit by Zip Code

If you have an excel file with the zip codes and who the account should be assigned to you can use the mass edit field to reassign the accounts.

  1. From your excel file you can copy and paste the zip code into the delivery zip search field in handle
    **IMPORTANT: you will want to do 5-6 zip codes at a time. The amount of results should not exceed 500 results. If it does remove a zip code until it is under that amount.
  2. The Edit option will display at the top of the grid
  3. Click it to edit the selected items
  4. You can now select the record manager you would like to assign the accounts to. Select save.
  5. Repeat until all accounts are reassigned.
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