Account Assignment (Record Managers)

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You have too many accounts and no way to know who’s managing them or if they’re being contacted.
Your sales team doesn’t have a way to when to call specific accounts.
There’s no way to measure account contact or improve the accounts that aren’t being contacted.

If any of these statements feel familiar, please read on.

Account Management in Handle allows you to identify accounts by Class, by Salesman, and collect and report on important information related to these gaps.

CustomerTRAX can help you set customer Class based on rules or criteria you define.
Updating this value in Handle will update your business system (EQUIP only).

Using any account search in Handle, you can assign/unassign accounts quickly and easily.
(Spring 2016 update required, enabled per user, by request)


Handle allows for multiple users in different departments to be assigned to any account or prospect.

  • We can customize and group users into Manager Types.
    • Users are assigned to their type when initially set up, but can edited at any time.
  • The ‘Manager Type’ may have one or multiple users assigned per account
  • Contact frequencies are set by manager type.
  • With Automation, we can use the contact frequency to automatically create calls.
    • (This needs to be turned on, it is off by default.)


customertraxAccount Assignment (Record Managers)