Account Equipment (What they own)

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Keep track of your customer’s equipment and whether these units are available for Trade. Equipment is synced from your business system into Handle every hour.

  1. Open any Account
  2. Expand the Equipment group
  3. You can view up to 20 records in the [Equipment] group on the Account screen.
    1. If you want to see more than 20, click [Show all active].

  1. This will take you to the Account Equipment Search screen and return all records for this account, you can further customize search fields and create saved lists.

  1. Open an equipment record by clicking on it from either grid.
    1. Edit [Status], this does not write back to your business system.
    2. Edit other fields and if configured/enabled, they will write back to your business system.
    3. If StockNo is highlighted blue, you can open the inventory record directly from this screen.
    4. Create an activity (Call, Opportunity, Quote) that is link to this unit


customertraxAccount Equipment (What they own)