Account Groups

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Organizations are becoming more complex. Keeping financials in order in the business system is often separate than how organizations are structured in the real world. If a single farm operates under several corporations or if there is a group of individuals that are tied together, with different companies, it can become very hard to track activity from all parties, and nearly impossible to see high level what is happening across all accounts.

Account Groups allow you to link together multiple Accounts to see a consolidated view of Handle Feed activity (Active and History items). This does not consolidate information in the section on the left. I.e. AREC, Account Equipment, Contacts, or the Flow items on the right.


  1. While in an Account, you can click to create a new group or link to an existing group.
  2. (Create) Fill in the Name and Description of the group.
  3. Toggle [Groups] to show consolidated activity for all accounts in the group.


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