Account History/feeds

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When looking at accounts, most people are concerned with next steps and what is currently active. These items are important, sometimes it is also necessary to look at past activity, and view an account from a historical perspective.
Handle Account Feeds show all Active items and History of items for that Account. History shows when items were Created, Updated, or Completed.

  • The right side of the Account Screen has a ‘Feeds’ tab. Selecting this will display the Active and History feed. Clicking either title will expand & collapse that feed.
    • Active: Shows the latest updates and links to open/active items linked to the account
    • History: Shows all updates chronologically to Handle activities and the business system


    • The History Feed can be filtered to your preference. The options available to you depend on which components of Handle your dealership has chosen to use, as well as your specific user permissions. (PC only, not available on mobile apps)

    Click the ‘Gear’ button to change what appears in the feed. This is a preference for you only and will not change what other users see.


customertraxAccount History/feeds