Account Locations (Addresses)

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Multiple Account Locations can be tracked in Handle and viewed on a Map.

  • Addresses display in the [Location] section of the Accounts screen.
    • These Addresses can be synced to/from your business system if available.
    • All four addresses are available in Advanced Search grids for creating lists.
    • If you wish to hide any of the 4 address types, please request from

Clicking on an address row will allow you to edit if you have permission.

The selected address in “Google Maps will display” controls which address is mapped when mapping from a list. Selecting [Edit] will display all address on map and allow to drag to a custom location.

To create custom, select any existing address location marker and drag it to the location of your choosing, this will now show as “Custom” in the account screen and the latitude/longitude coordinates will be used to map this account in Handle. Remember to click [Save] before closing the Map browser window.


customertraxAccount Locations (Addresses)