Account Plan Reporting

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Creating account plans through Handle saves you time by minimizing data entry, ensuring all the data you need is collected, and nothing is forgotten; it is also provides you a historical view of what has happened to understand future needs.

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Search Examples

Create saved searches for closed plans that did not met success criteria and/or search on keywords for specific problems and pressures.

  1. Available fields to search by and display in grid
    1. Owner
    2. Created On
    3. Pressures
    4. Proposed Solution
    5. Status
    6. Success Criteria
    7. Title
    8. Potential Execution Challenges
    9. Objective
    10. Success Criteria Met
    11. Problems
    13. Projected Dealership Business Impact
    14. Plans
    15. Continuous Improvement
    16. Justification
    17. Other Dealership Impacts
    18. Projected Account Business Impact
    19. Risk Factor
    20. Other Account Impacts
    21. Other Risks
    22. Relationship Status
    23. Other Relationships
    24. Success Criteria
    25. Other Value Created
    26. Account
    27. First Name (Account)
    28. Last Name (Account)
    29. Email (Account)
    30. Work (Account)
    31. Mobile (Account)
    32. Delivery Address (Account)
    33. Delivery Apt/Suite (Account)
    34. Delivery City (Account)
    35. Delivery County (Account)
    36. Delivery Country (Account)
    37. Delivery State (Account)
    38. Delivery Zip (Account)
    39. Branch (Account)
    40. Class (Account)
    41. Account Number (Account)


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