Account Plan

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Account Plan is used as a part of Account Profiling (Accounts Organizational and Purchasing Profile, Partners, and Account Scorecard). The Account Plan provides a template to assess and setup next steps.

Create Account Plan

Creating a new Account Plan is similar to creating other activities in Handle (Creating a new Activity). Account Plans can be created from the main navigation bar, an account, or activities, such as Account Scorecard.

Create from main navigation bar

  1. Select [+] button from navigation bar
  2. Choose Account Plan

Create from an account

  1. Expand Profile group
  2. Select ‘New’ Account Plan

Account Plan Details

Summarize the current state and plan solutions.


Determine pain points and other risk factors.


Evaluate possible solutions and outcomes, and determine what resources will be need to complete plan.


Once Account Plan is marked Complete (status), the Outcome group will display to evaluate how well the plan was executed and what to improve on next time.

Search and reporting

You can search, report, and export based on Account Plan information using Handle Advanced search.

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