Account Scorecard

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Account Scorecard is used as a part of Account Profiling (Accounts Organizational and Purchasing Profile, Partners, and Account Plan). Account Scorecard provides a methodology for assessing where you are at and areas to improve with a customer.

Create Account Scorecard

Creating a new Account Scorecard is similar to creating other activities in Handle (Creating a new Activity). Account Scorecards can be created from the main navigation bar, an account, or activities, such as Account Plan.

Create from main navigation bar

  1. Select [+] button from navigation bar
  2. Choose Account Scorecard

Create from an account

  1. Expand Profile group
  2. Select ‘New’ Account Scorecard

Account Scorecard Details

The scorecard has 4 primary sections for scoring your customers

  1. Customer Profile
  2. Market Segment
  3. Dealership Engagement
  4. Agronomic Implementation


Each section will have an average score and the totals will be combined for an overall score.

Customer Profile

Market Penetration

Dealership Engagement

Agronomic Implementation

Search and reporting

You can search, report, and export based on Account Scorecard information using Handle Advanced search.

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