Account Screen (Mobile)

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Accounts are the central place for tracking account details (purchases, equipment, contacts, locations) and activity (Call, Opportunities) for all Customers and Prospects.

Viewing Accounts

Tapping on an account from your active list, a saved list, or any search results will open the Account details screen.

  • Profile
    • Organization Profile – Contains questions to track general info about organization
    • Purchase Profile – Contains questions to track purchasing behavior
    • Partner – Track vendor relationships with your customers
    • Account Scorecard – Provides a methodology for assessing where you are at and areas to improve with a customer
    • Account Plan – Provides a template to assess and setup next steps
  • Details – Primary account details and contact information
  • Contacts – Create new or link existing contacts to this account
  • Assignments – Handle allows for multiple users in different departments to be assigned to any account or prospect.
  • Equipment – Lists customer equipment tied to this account in your business system
  • Receivable – Account receivable snapshot and summary information from your business system. AREC.
  • Account Groups – Create or link this account to an Account Group
  • Location – Shows multiple addresses and the option to plot this account on Google Maps
  • Qualifiers – Custom fields not in your business system. (Our Support team will help you set these up when/if you choose.
  • Attachments – View stored files or attach additional ones to the account
  • Media – Photos, Videos, and Audio
  • Budget – Add and manage custom budgets for this account
  • Crop Mix – Add and manage custom crop mix information
  • Towers – Add and manage customer RTK Towers
  • Receivers – Add and manage customer RTK Receivers
  • In-House Warranties – Add and manage In-House Warranties for this account
  • Account CKC – List of matched CKC/JDaim accounts

Account Feeds

  • Active items are shown first
  • History items are shown below active items. (scroll down)
    • All updates to Handle Activity and business system activity related to this account.
  • Pull the feed down to refresh.

Updating Account Information

  1. You can update customer information by tapping on the group you want to edit e.g. Details, Equipment, Market Segments, etc.
  2. Then tapping Edit in the upper right.

  3. Remember to tap Save after making changes.
customertraxAccount Screen (Mobile)