Account/Prospect Merge

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Business system Accounts are synced to Handle. When Accounts are cleaned up (Merged, Deleted, Consolidated) in the business system, Handle will not automatically reflect those changes. Handle will turn those records in ‘Prospects’. Those Prospects will need to be merged or archived in Handle.

  • If you are configured with permission to do so, you can merge a Prospect record into an Account.
  • You can merge one Prospect record into one Account record at a time.
  • Handle cannot merge two Accounts together, this would need to be done in your Business System.
  • Handle cannot merge two Prospects together.
  • Once merged, all Handle activity will be transferred to the account record and the prospect will be deleted.

“How do I do it?”

  1. Open the prospect record you’d like to merge. You will need to know the account number of the account it will be merged into.
  2. Enter the account number into the prospect.
  3. Click [Save] in the upper right.
  4. The pop up will display the account found, you must click the account to confirm it is correct.
  5. Click [Merge]
Merging Prospects into an Account
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