Additional Contacts

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In Handle, you can manage additional contacts for your Customers and Prospects. Additional contacts will sync back and forth with your Business System if it supports it. These contacts can also by synced with Exchange or Google, this is disabled by default but can be enabled by request.

Contacts are not tied exclusively to one account record, they can be linked or associated with as many accounts/prospects as needed.

Creating a contact from the Home screen:

  1. Click the [+] button in the navigation bar, select Contact
  2. The default Contact form displays, this form is customizable to fit what data you need to collect.

Creating from within the Account screen: (this method will automatically link the contact to the account where its created from.)

  1. Click on [new] from the Account screen
  2. This will display a summarized version of the Contact form for Quick entry.

Searching/Reporting Additional Contacts:

  1. Click on Contacts in your navigation menu, you can create advanced searches and saved lists based on all the additional contacts in Handle.
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