Alert Visibility

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Alerts raise awareness on issues and opportunities, they are displayed prominently on the Home screen Priority list and the Active Feed in Accounts, Opportunities, etc.

  • Open Alerts will always show in the Home screen priority list for all Owners.
  • Open Alerts will always be at the top of Active Account feeds or linked item feeds.
  • Any time an Alert is updated, the Sender and any Owner(s) will get an email. (*If configured, per user setting)

Alerts are actionable. Whether that is a phone call to the customer, an internal team conversation, or something else. When setting up Alerts, you will define the actions that need to occur.

Alerts are measurable. Completing an alert means the item has been resolved. Reports can be created to measure activity and find areas for improvement.

Notes are used to add reference material or additional relevant information to an account.

Notifications can be thought of and used in the same way you do CCing with email. Notifications are meant as an FYI to team members or managers. Notifications will be reviewed by the recipient, but no action is required.


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