Analyzing your data to add participants to a Target

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The ability to search for and extract date is a cornerstone of Handle. Target has these advanced search functions built directly into it to help you quickly create a list of Participants in your Campaigns and Projects. To create a new participants list first create a new search in Target:

  1. Click Add Fields from the Search tab
  2. Select the search fields. This list is pulling from a variety of sources such as Account Profile, Account Equipment, Location, Receivables, Qualifiers and Contact Records.
  3. Enter in values (or further refine your search)
  4. Click Search to see results

Additional search examples

  1. Searching past purchases
  2. Searching profile data (e.g. market segments)
  3. Searching financial spend
  4. Search by territory or assignment

Sending any search to a new or existing Target

To create a new participants list or add to an existing one, you do not have to be in the Target ‘search’ tab. You can create campaigns from any of your lists. Whether it’s from Accounts, Opportunities, Activities or anything else, you can send selected items to an existing Target Participants list, or create a new Target.

customertraxAnalyzing your data to add participants to a Target