Archiving Data

customertrax 1. Handle CRM 1.0

Users can be given access to the ability to Archive, View Archived, and Unarchive items

Mass Archiving Items

  1. From any search result grid select one or multiple items using the check box.
  2. The Archive option will display at the top of the grid
  3. Click it to archive the selected items

A warning will display to ensure you want these items archived


Archive individual items

Items can be individually archive by selecting the Archive button in the items Options menu

View Archived items

Archived items are never deleted. They remain stored in the database, but they are hidden from the user view. Users with access to view archived items can search for and open them.

To view archived items, use any advanced search. Add the field “Is Archived” and select the value of True.

Unarchive items

Items can be individually unarchive by selecting Restore from options menu inside of an archived item.


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