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Linking existing activities or creating new items that link directly to your call, opportunities, etc. will cut down heavily on duplicate data entry. The ability to add and view these relationships increases the quality of information and reduces time, frustration, and mistakes.

Sometimes the linked forms need to share more than reference info, they need the exact same information entered into them. Rather than copy and relink existing information from the original form, Handle can be setup to autofill this information and transfer relationships when new forms are created.

  • Autofills individual form values
  • Pre-link Existing Relationships (linked activities)


  1. Creating a new Delivery Request from an Opportunity autofills Description, linked Inventory, and linked Account Equipment.
  2. Creating a new JDQuote from an Opportunity autofills Title, Cust ID – CKC (if exists), linked Inventory, linked Trades.

Default configuration for most entities transfer Account Equipment and Inventory. Auto fill fields can be added to form configuration (one-way or two-way).