Automated Report Delivery

customertrax 1. Handle CRM 1.0

Setup any saved search to be delivered to you automatically as a .csv file via email. If you need to review submit certain information on a regular basis this feature can help automate that process.


  • Weekly review of overdue accounts
  • Active opportunities
  • Overdue calls
  • Calls scheduled for next week
  • In stock and pending by category
  • In stock and pending by location

From any saved search, select configure (gear icon).


The automation setup is incredibly robust and can be used to schedule email delivery for different frequencies to different users

  • Multiple users can be set to receive the same scheduled delivery
    • [ex] As a manager or team lead, I want to send monthly reports to my entire team
  • Each search can have multiple scheduled deliveries
    • [ex] I want to receive my call list daily, and my manager wants to review weekly
  • Scheduled emails default to ‘End On’=Never and will continue to be sent until schedule is changed, they can also be set to end on a specific date
    • [ex] I want to see campaign results weekly, but the promo only runs for 3 months


  1. Frequency = Daily
  2. Repeat every = 1 days

Beginning and end of week

  1. Frequency = Weekly
  2. Repeat every = 1 weeks
  3. Days of week = Monday and Friday

customertraxAutomated Report Delivery