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The calendar in Handle can be used to quickly view and manage sales calls or tasks by you and your team.

  1. Drag and drop to change date/time
  2. View team members calendars (must have access setup)

Outlook/Gmail calendar integration

1-way Synchronization (View Only)

Appointments that exist in your Gmail or Outlook calendar can be viewed in Handle (must have mobility license).

  1. View Outlook and Gmail appointments
  2. View Outlook tasks
    1. Enable Google/Outlook Sync
    2. Toggle On/Off

    3. Once synchronized appointments can be converted to Sales Call, Task, etc. This will not alter the appointment in gmail/outlook. It will create a new Handle activity with the appointment information. Both items will be displayed on Handle calendar.
      1. Open Appointment
      2. “Convert to Handle”
      3. Select the activity type and fill in any additional details

2-Way Synchronization (Update)

With Outlook or Gmail 2-way integration enabled, any sales calls created in Handle automatically synchronize to your Outlook or Gmail calendar. If using Outlook, Tasks can also be enabled for 2-way sync. Once synchronized sales calls (and tasks) can be updated in the Gmail calendar, Outlook, or on mobile devices. Any changes such as additional details or time and date will synchronize back to Handle, only if the item was created in Handle originally.

*Default synchronization is setup to run every 60 minutes.