Admin Tools- Manager Access,User Activity, Management Notes

customertrax 3. Administration

Manager access to view/edit other users Setting up managers with the ability to view and edit other users can now quickly be done with the new edit all feature. The edit all feature allows the manager access to view/edit all entities of the selected users. Login to Admin Tools Locate the manager Filter by first name/last name Use the search …

customertraxAdmin Tools- Manager Access,User Activity, Management Notes

Admin Tools- View License Count and Copy Saved Searches

customertrax 3. Administration

View current license count Login to admin tools click on the [H] in the top left corner Here you can view your current active full, enterprise and mobile licenses. You can also view your current paid full and mobile licenses. To add a new license to your account, please email Clone user rights and saved searches Cloning user rights …

customertraxAdmin Tools- View License Count and Copy Saved Searches

Admin tools- Edit user profile/Permissions

customertrax 3. Administration

Edit user’s details/permissions Login to Admin Tools Locate the user Filter by first name/last name Use the search field in the top right corner Click on the user to open the file Select the┬ásection you want to update by clicking on the tabs on the right hand side If making adjustments under “Activity Permissions” an “Edit All” feature is available.┬áThis …

customertraxAdmin tools- Edit user profile/Permissions

Admin Tools- Create/Deactivate/Reactivate Users

customertrax 3. Administration

Create a New User Log into Admin Tools Click on the [+] symbol on the right hand side Click create new user Click the Profile tab Fill in the Required Fields LoginID Password If the user should reset the password upon first login, go to the security tab and select, “Force Reset Password” First Name Last Name Add additional fields …

customertraxAdmin Tools- Create/Deactivate/Reactivate Users

Admin Tools- Getting Started

customertrax 3. Administration

Log into Admin Tools Pull up an internet browser and type in the Admin Tools URL: Enter in your username and password Create a Saved Search When you first login to admin tools you will see a blank white page, to get started we recommend creating an active user list that will automatically pull up anytime you login to …

customertraxAdmin Tools- Getting Started

User Impersonation

customertrax 3. Administration

As the onsite Handle point of contact or ‘Admin’, you may find the need to log in as another user to assist them, or see what they’re seeing in Handle. If enabled, you have the ability to log in as any user using your own username and password. Contact support to get the loginas feature setup. Navigate to your Handle …

customertraxUser Impersonation