Linking and copying from existing JDQuotes

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Associate / Linking Quotes Link existing quotes to an opportunity Type-ahead search Select drop-down to view possible JDQuotes. Drop-down displays: Quotes already linked to the Account All unlinked quotes not associated with an Account These items will state “No D.B.S” and display the CKC Name and ID from JDQuote If Owner does not match Sales Rep from JDQuote, Sales Rep …

customertraxLinking and copying from existing JDQuotes

Creating a quote faster

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A quote can be started from the Navigation bar, Inventory, Account, or an Opportunity (also on mobile device). Select an Account and enter quote name. Everything else has smart pre-filed defaults. Then click Create and a popup window will display the quote and automatically link it back to the account in Handle. Create from Navigation bar Add JDQuote On the …

customertraxCreating a quote faster

Creating an opportunity

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Are you tracking the important conversations that lead up to providing a quote? What about all the things that need to be done afterwards to close the deal and fulfill it? The opportunity is designed to work like a file folder. Open one up when you identify the potential to sell anything, and keep all the pertinent information in one …

customertraxCreating an opportunity

Opportunity Management

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After identifying an opportunity, there may be many steps leading up to closing a sale. Additionally, there can be several more to deliver what is sold. One of the key places a CRM can provide value to an organization is to ensure processes are followed and things do not slip through the cracks. We have updated Handle CRM to be …

customertraxOpportunity Management

Printing stock unit details

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Individual stock units can be opened in an easy to read report and then printed. The Print preview has further display options to include additional information if needed. * Print reports can be customized to fit your needs.    

customertraxPrinting stock unit details

Hiding Costs on the screen

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When viewing the Inventory results grid and individual stock units, you can choose to show or hide Costs. Disabling or Hiding Costs will remove any Cost fields displayed     Search Results Stock Unit – Main Detail Stock Unit – Spec Lines

customertraxHiding Costs on the screen

Inventory status change and timers

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USAGE changes can be put on a timer as long as they’re initiated in Handle and not EQUIP. Once the timer expires, the USAGE value will revert back to its previous state. The timer is defined in hours or days and there is an option to exclude weekends. USAGE timer is commonly used for “On Hold” or “Sold” and doesn’t …

customertraxInventory status change and timers

EQUIP Integration – Updating Inventory

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Many fields on a Stock Unit can be updated directly in Handle. You can create stock units, edit stock unit info, update status, and enter notes which will synchronize with your business system. Creating Stock Units Handle has the ability to add stock units to your business system, which will generate a new stock number. Contact CustomerTRAX to discuss requirements …

customertraxEQUIP Integration – Updating Inventory

Inventory synchronization – scheduled updates

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Data Sync between Business System and Handle occurs every 30 minutes. Updates from your business system to Handle take 0 – 30 minutes. (It’s scheduled) Updates from Handle to your business system happen within 10 seconds. (It’s pushed)  Language Cloning – Field Visibility: We can rename or hide any field in Handle Similar to “Language Cloning Maintenance” in EQUIP. This …

customertraxInventory synchronization – scheduled updates

Viewing one or multiple stock units

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Whether you are comparing similar units or multitasking with several customers, Inventory tabs allows you to easily switch between stock units; so you can leave equipment records open even when performing new searches.    

customertraxViewing one or multiple stock units