Newsletter | November 2017

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  The Adoption Gap When an organization adopts CRM, they usually do so with an outcome in mind. How they’re going to use the software to get that outcome, though, is usually a lot murkier. Over the years, we’ve talked to company after company, and some of the same desired … CONTINUE READING The Importance of Following Up on Leads …

customertraxNewsletter | November 2017

Newsletter | October 2017

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  Product Enhancement, Customer Engagement At CustomerTRAX, we’re always willing to build out features at a client’s request. Our mission has always been to build software that does what our clients need, and we can’t do that without … CONTINUE READING Find Your Flow Everyone has days when work just seems to fly by effortlessly. You feel laser-focused and hyper-productive. …

customertraxNewsletter | October 2017

Newsletter | August 2017

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  Support With CRM There’s no single right way to use CRM software, and every organization adapts CRM to fit their needs. When a company uses it successfully, they find novel approaches to get the most out of the software, empowering employees and customers alike. One such company is AHW, which we’ve been working … CONTINUE READING Maximizing New Media …

customertraxNewsletter | August 2017

Newsletter | July 2017

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  6 CRM Insights When it comes to CRM adoption, the difference between highly successful and simply average organizations is small. Like an Olympic 100–yard sprint, the gap between the companies that end up on the medal stand and those that end up forgotten can come down to a few tiny mistakes. Some mistakes crop up quite often, and we’d …

customertraxNewsletter | July 2017

Newsletter | June 2017

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  Consistency Between Departments Last month, we covered how Goldman Equipment has employed Handle CRM to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Goldman’s use of account management and inventory features was the starting point for their CRM success story, and from there they … CONTINUE READING Reactivating Customers Retaining customers is important. Writing for the Harvard Business Review, Amy Gallo says …

customertraxNewsletter | June 2017

Newsletter | April 2017

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  Find Your Purpose At CustomerTRAX we don’t just sell people CRM (customer relationship management) software, we also guide them through the adoption process. A lot of companies think that simply having CRM software will improve their sales figures. Without a thorough … CONTINUE READING How to Avoid an SEO Emergency It’s not uncommon for a business to slip in …

customertraxNewsletter | April 2017

Newsletter | March 2017

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  Growth Through Raised Awareness When a business makes the decision to implement CRM software, they always have one objective in mind: to grow their market share while maintaining profitability. Without a tactical plan that identifies specific steps to achieve growth … CONTINUE READING Turn Customers Into Fans All businesses strive to create relationships with their customers that go beyond …

customertraxNewsletter | March 2017

Newsletter | February 2017

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  The New Handle 2.0 At CustomerTRAX, we are constantly focused on developing the best customer relations management service for our clients. We listen to the improvements you ask us to implement, because we want to create CRM software that works for you. The goal of any CRM software is to increase the efficiency and performance of the businesses that …

customertraxNewsletter | February 2017

Newsletter | January 2017

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  Simplify Your CRM CRM software was created to streamline the management of interactions between a business and its clients. Rather than scribbling down a new prospect’s contact information on a napkin (or even putting it into an Excel spreadsheet), you can use a CRM to simplify the whole process. After all, the … CONTINUE READING Why Wooing Customers Is …

customertraxNewsletter | January 2017