Creating a quote from inventory

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Create from Inventory Search Select the Inventory tab Search for the stock unit Select the stock unit Select multiple and hit Quote Open the stock unit and select [+] Fill out Quote information Create

customertraxCreating a quote from inventory

Priority List

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Your ‘Priority List’ will appear on the left hand side of your screen. This will display any activity that is over due or due today Alerts Sales Calls Opportunties Quotes Notes All other entities are included    

customertraxPriority List

Activity Feeds

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Activity Feeds Recent – Any changes to anything you create, you own, or you are assigned to. Upcoming – Activities that are scheduled or due soon Overdue – Activities that are past due Searching – A list of Opportunities that have a status “Searching for” Trade-In – A combination of Account Equipment marked as Trade-In and units available for trade …

customertraxActivity Feeds

Creating an Inventory Search

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Inventory Search To get started with the Inventory tab you can create searches to find the stock units you are looking for. Select the add fields button to select the search criteria filters Enter in the information in the search fields and select search to see the results To view the stock unit details , spec lines, additional costs, attachments, …

customertraxCreating an Inventory Search

Inventory Status field (Equip)

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How does handle define the inventory status field (Equip)? Inventory Status is in Handle only and uses a combination of Usage, Stock Status or other fields to calculate a value. These values are recalculated when the sync runs, so you may not see the changes in the grid instantly.

customertraxInventory Status field (Equip)

Admin Tools- Inventory

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Under the inventory section you will see many permissions based on your business system. Mark Inventory as sold Login to Admin Tools Locate the user Filter by first name/last name Use the search field in the top right corner Click on the user to open the file Select the section you want to update by clicking on the tabs on the …

customertraxAdmin Tools- Inventory

Create a Stock Unit

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Handle allows users to create stock units that will write back to Equip. Once added, Equip will auto generate the stock number. This can be configured per user, to see how click here. To create the stock unit open up the inventory entity. If the user has the permission to create a stock unit they will see that option in …

customertraxCreate a Stock Unit

Admin Tools- Update Basic Profile Information/ Reset User Password

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Reset users password Login to Admin Tools Locate the user Filter by first name/last name Use the search field in the top right corner Click on the user to open the file Click on the Profile tab  Under password click in the field and enter in new password Select Save Update users first/last Name Login to Admin Tools Locate the …

customertraxAdmin Tools- Update Basic Profile Information/ Reset User Password

Importing prospect lists from any source

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Manual Import With the help of our support team, prospects can be uploaded into handle and utilized in targets. Account clean up efforts are a common but time consuming problem most dealers face, we highly recommend reviewing data you want to import to prevent duplication. There are several important guidelines to follow to reduce duplicates. No account duplication verification will …

customertraxImporting prospect lists from any source