Creating a Delivery/Pickup

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Creating a Delivery Request is similar to creating other activities in Handle (Creating a new Activity). Delivery Requests can be created from the main navigation bar, an account, or in other activities, such as an Opportunity.

It is important to note that every request has a “Status.” The status field indicates where it is at in the process. Many organizations choose to customize these options to match their terminology. Additionally it may be advantageous to lock down who has rights to move it from one step to the next. A typical workflow looks like:

  1. Salesman submit delivery requests – Equipment and Inventory are linked to reduce data entry
  2. Delivery Requests are reviewed by coordinators using saved searches
  3. Delivery coordinator determine vehicles, drivers, and schedules
  4. Drivers access assigned deliveries using saved searches on desktop or mobile
  5. Drivers update and complete scheduled deliveries on desktop or mobile app.

The Delivery Request default form is shown below. It contains a number of standard fields and groups to link information with minimal data entry e.g. inventory or customer equipment records. If you have a Handle Platinum license this form can be customized. Contact CustomerTRAX to find out more.

  1. All fields listed below can be required before saving and are available in our advanced search.
    1. Account
    2. Create Date
    3. Description
    4. Notification
    5. Request Details
      1. Requisition Number
      2. Status
        1. Requested
        2. Confirmed
        3. Open
        4. Completed
      3. Requested Start Date
      4. Requested End Date
      5. Schedule Date
      6. Assigned Driver
    6. Pick up Information
      1. Pick up
        1. Dealership
        2. Customer
        3. PU-Other
    7. Delivery Information
      1. Delivery
        1. Dealership
        2. Customer
        3. PU-Other
      2. Returning Trade
      3. Received By
      4. Special Delivery Notes
    8. Financial Details
      1. Invoice Number
      2. WO Number
      3. Billing Notes
  2. Associated groups for creating and linking information (customizable)
    1. Truck
    2. Inventory
    3. Attachments
    4. Media

The Service Request QuickAdd displays when selecting “New” from any other entity like a sales call or opportunity. This screen has the minimal required fields to enter a request quickly. The QuickAdd screen can be customized based on your organization’s requirements.

  1. Requisition Number
  2. Requested Start Date
  3. Requested End Date
  4. Delivery Information
  5. Pick up Information
  6. Inventory
  7. Media


customertraxCreating a Delivery/Pickup