Creating a new activity (Call, Case, Opportunity)

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Create any activity from Navigation bar

The main navigation bar is available on the Home screen as well as any list view, such as Account list, Activity list, etc.
Click the [+] button to create any new activity you have access to.

Create an activity from an Account

All the activity groups in Handle will have a ‘New’ button displayed next to them. Selecting new will display a quick entry popup that will allow you to create new activity; focusing on only the most critical information needed.
* Quick entry screens can be customized to align with specific business objectives.

Create an activity directly from another activity

You can create new activities from inside of your current activity thru the Flow or Details groups. Each activity has a default setup for the user flow, but these group flows can be customized per organization.
For Example, a sales call includes Alerts, Sales Calls (next call), Inventory, and Opportunities as default flow items. If your organization has specific needs and want another activity form, such as Delivery Request, added to the flow this can be done through coordination with your Organization’s Admin and CustomerTRAX support team.

Selecting ‘New’ will display the quick add window for that activity.

*Setting is available to open full screen when clicking new if preferred. Email to request

This screen has the minimal required fields to create an activity quickly. The Quick Add screen can be customized based on your organization’s requirements. Many of the default Quick Add pop-ups allow you to change or assign owner and send notifications to your team.

Activity Details

The left side of each activity is setup as the primary details for that activity, such as Title and Description, along with information specific to that activity. For example, in an Opportunity you will also want to capture and track Status, Expected Close Date, Amount, etc. Additional informational groups will also be displayed below, such as Contacts, Media, and Attachments.

Next steps – Activity Flow

Create Sales Call follow-up, Add Inspections and Assessments, Schedule Delivery, etc
These Flow items should align with your organization’s strategy and streamline key processes.

Activity Feed

Select the ‘Feed’ tab on the right of the screen to expand and view a full list of linked items grouped by Active and Complete.


customertraxCreating a new activity (Call, Case, Opportunity)