Creating activities (calls, opportunities, etc.) on mobile

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Creating any activity from search results

Any activity or form that is available on Handle desktop is also available on Handle mobile apps.

  1. The easiest way to create a sales call, is to search for the account,
  2. Click the + button

  3. Then select ‘Sales Call’ or the activity you would like to create

Creating an activity from an Account

  1. Tap the action menu to display options

Creating an activity directly from another activity

  1. Select ‘New’ from the activity list view

Entering activity details

  • You can type to fill in the details of your sales call, or you use the voice dictation feature. Supported on most iOS and Android devices.

  • Scheduled calls will sync with your OutlookTM or GoogleTM calendars (if configured).

Add user as follower to send notification

Notifications on the mobile apps work the same as the desktop version.

  1. Tap ‘Following’
  2. Select the users to be notified.
  3. Tap ‘OK’

Scheduling a call for someone else

  1. Tap the action menu
  2. Tap Sales Call or the activity you want to create
  3. Tap ‘Scheduled For’ and select who you would like to schedule the call for.

customertraxCreating activities (calls, opportunities, etc.) on mobile