Creating Alerts

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Alerts raise awareness on issues and opportunities by collaborating between individuals and teams within organizations.

  • Alerts must be set up by CustomerTRAX Support before they can be used.
    • Name: A simple description selected by users when the Alert is created.
    • Description: A short description that expands on the Name for clarity.
    • Action: What is the immediate action expected of the owners?
  • Alerts can be automatically generated by automation rules once they are set up.
  • Alerts do not have dates – they are active or complete (statuses can be customized). Alerts do not go away until they are marked Complete.
  • Common alert examples
    • Customer Complaint
    • Machine Down
    • A/R Issue
    • Sales Issue
    • Service Issue
    • Parts Issue

Notification emails will be sent automatically to the Sender and Receivers when an alert is Created, Updated, or Completed.


customertraxCreating Alerts