Creating an opportunity

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Are you tracking the important conversations that lead up to providing a quote? What about all the things that need to be done afterwards to close the deal and fulfill it? The opportunity is designed to work like a file folder. Open one up when you identify the potential to sell anything, and keep all the pertinent information in one spot. Identifying and tracking opportunities not only allows you understand your marketplace, it provides you the necessary information to understand your team.

Starting an Opportunity

  • Create an Opportunity from the Home screen
  • Create an Opportunity in an Account


  • Create an Opportunity directly from a Sales Call


Opportunity Details

  • Enter Title/Description
  • Link to specific Contacts,
  • Attach files and media
  • Add notes and tasks
  • Link to Stock Units

Next steps e.g. Sales Call

Create Sales Call follow-up, Add Inspections and Assessments, Schedule Delivery, etc


customertraxCreating an opportunity