Creating an “overdue” customer list

customertrax 1. Handle CRM 1.0

Juggling commitments and priorities can be challenging. When did you talk to that customer last? When are you supposed to follow-up with them?

Create lists of Accounts that are overdue for contact to make sure you follow through on commitments. Automatic call scheduling based on call frequency is available. Our support team can help set this up for you.

  • You may also choose to use the “Last Contact Date” or “Next Contact Due Date” search fields and results columns to create the list you need.
  • Call frequency status is color coded in the “Class” column
    • Red = Overdue
    • Yellow = Due Soon
    • Green = Current
    • White = Assigned, No call frequency
    • Gray = Not assigned
  • Using the […] Range search operator is very useful when you need the results to be based relatively on ‘Today’ vs a specific date.

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customertraxCreating an “overdue” customer list