Dealer Business System

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A. EQUIP Hosted at JDO

If your D.B.S. is hosted at John Deere, we will be sending a Handle server request on your behalf. You will then be contacted by your Deere account rep to approve and move forward with the request.

B. EQUIP Self Hosted

If you self-host or use a 3rd party to host your D.B.S., please let us know who the main point of contact is for managing your servers. We will need the following information.

  • Application server FQDN and IP address
  • Database server FQDN and IP address
  • Production database name
  • Additional details may be discussed depending on your configuration/version.
  • (create) Username/Password of domain user account, add to EQUIP_SDK security group.



Please define whether this is hosted in-house, 3rd party, or hosted at ADP. We will need the main Point of Contact also.

  • PFW server URL, Library Name, Database Name, Username/Password
  • If hosted at ADP, the server URL will be similar to a web address, if hosted in-house the server IP address will work.
  • Please let us know if you subscribe to ADP BSI service. This is required if you want Handle to be able to make updates to accounts, contacts, or inventory and have it write back to CDK.


D. Other/Not Listed

We will discuss data integration with you on a case by case basis.

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