Delivery Request

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Using email to communicate between all departments to schedule deliveries or pick ups can result in reduced response time. Often caused by data entry errors, missed emails, or the inability to allocate resources.

Handle makes it simple to work across teams and streamline processes between departments all from within one system.

  • Salesman submit delivery requests for scheduling. Delivery coordinator manages trucking assets and deliveries.
  • Link directly to customer’s equipment or Inventory in Handle to reduce data entry. Deliveries are stored in the customer’s account history.
  • Assigned Drivers can access scheduled deliveries on mobile app or print from desktop to verify machine IDs.

Store and manage your trucking fleet in Handle. Customize [Status] and [Type].

Request, schedule, and manage deliveries in the customer’s account.

Reduce manual entry and mistakes by linking equipment.

Use field level permission to control access to fit your process.

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