Desktop Update v1.9

customertrax 7. Updates

New Functionality

  1. Add participants to a new or existing Target from any Handle search
  2. Add email addresses to a new or existing MailChimp campaign from any Handle
  3. Automated Searching – real-time Trade Matching
  4. Administration Portal (Handle 2.0) Overview
  5. Administration Portal User settings & configuration
  6. JDSC (Sales Center) Integration for AU/NZ Dealers (note: will not be available until JD services are released)
  7. New Forms

  8. Customer Experience Survey
  9. Employee Review
  10. Managers Notes
  11. Mileage Tracking
  12. Pending StockUnit
  13. Repair Order and Job (EQUIP Integration)
  14. Shortcuts and Configuration

  15. $ range added to Wholegoods follow-up automation
  16. New option to trigger follow up Calls when Opportunities are created
  17. Exporting search results will now provide an option to save or open the file
  18. Go directly to any saved list directly from your home screen
  19. New configuration options available for + button, nav bar, and search options
  20. Clicking “new” from any screen (Quick Add) now has the option to display in full screen
  21. Date shorts-cuts, advance a date by a week or month quickly to rescheduled items
  22. Review all notification and or unsubscribe from them in a single click
  23. Search grid color coding based on call frequency is now customizable
  24. Add custom reports and your own external links to the Handle report tab
  25. Assign new prospects to the appropriate team member quicker
  26. Open invoiced inventory details directly from Account Equipment screen
  27. Added ‘Monthly’ to automated lists/report scheduler
  28. Additional data

  29. RO details now display Cause/Complaint/Correction on detail page
  30. Inventory DIT tab now shows aggregated units that are linked in DIT
  31. StockUnit/Dealer notes can now be added to the search grid
  32. Additional fields added to Account search fields and grid
  33. Additional fields added to Inventory search fields and grid
  34. Miscellaneous

  35. User search fields now group by Active and Disabled users
  36. DBS data synchronization is now faster and puts less load on servers
  37. JDQuotes added to the Activity search module for reporting
  38. Tower field ‘Altitude’ field increased to 5 digit precision
  39. Customer Portal now checks for duplicate usernames when saving
  40. Totals in Account Receivables group now include ‘options’ in calculation
  41. New option to remove ‘Sundry’ charges from total cost calculations in inventory
  42. First Name and Last Name more precise when using Keyword search
  43. Clicking JDQuote # now creates a new tab instead of new window
  44. ‘Salesman Recv Trade’ field converted to drop down list in Inventory search
  45. Invoiced inventory units are now excluded from linking in Handle forms
  46. Alert Name and Description fields renamed to eliminate duplicate column names in Activity Search
customertraxDesktop Update v1.9