Editable drop-down fields

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Handle is setup with several fields that contain default drop-down values. Most of them do not require frequent changes, but for those that do, they can be enabled for editing within in the application. Permissions can be enabled for individual users to manage these drop-down values internally. To have this enabled for users please contact our support team.

Initially, we have enabled sales call and opportunity drop-downs for editing.

  1. Sale Call
    1. Call Type
    2. Call Source
  2. Opportunity
    1. Category
    2. Source
    3. Type

Once enabled, you will see the “Edit” button next to the activated fields.

The popup will display your edit options.

  1. Choose Field
    1. Expand for more options
  2. Add new value

Values change options include:

  1. Reorder
  2. Remove and Merge
  3. Update display name
  4. Add/remove locale (for multiple languages)

*Depending on the changes made, the Handle app may auto refresh to synchronize and update values. Additionally some values cannot be removed as they are required by the system.

customertraxEditable drop-down fields