Export to Excel

customertrax 1. Handle CRM 1.0

Typically, once data is put into a system it can be cumbersome to review and make decisions because of poor organization and tooling.

Handle is optimized for you to use the information you have gathered to gain insight for planning future contacts and closing deals.  In tandem with our advanced search functions, which allow you to easily slice and dice your data into focused, digestible chunks, we’ve added grid actions to pull out the information you need into spreadsheets. 

How do I export saved lists to CSV?

  • You can export a selected number of items from a list, or the entire set of results.
  • Check one or multiple boxes, or use the box in the header section to select all.
  • If the number of results exceeds the grid display limit, you will be given the option to Export All
    • Export All pulls all possible matches directly from the database
    • If the total results exceed the Export All from database limit an additional message will be displayed and export button will be disabled
    • Click [Export …] to save the list or open it directly as a .CSV file.
    • The format of the downloaded file will match the layout of your columns in the results list.

customertraxExport to Excel