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customertrax 1. Handle CRM 1.0

Typically once data is put into a system it can be cumbersome to review and make decisions because of poor organization and tooling.

Handle is optimized for you to use the information you have gathered to gain insight for planning future contacts and closing deals. In tandem with our advanced search functions, which allow you to easily slice and dice your data into focus, digestible chunks, we’ve added grid actions to visualize your data on a map.

Can I map a list or group of customers?

Mapping Customer Lists

  • You can map a selected number of items from a list, or the entire set of results.
  • Check one or multiple boxes, or use the box in the header section to select all.
  • Click [Map] to open a new window* with the selected items’ location on the map.

* Pop up blockers will prevent this window from opening properly. Please check your browser settings.


customertraxExport to Google Maps