Filtering by Account/Prospect

customertrax 1. Handle CRM 1.0

Handle allows you to manage both your existing customers and your prospects without it impacting your business system.

To differentiate customers from prospects, Handle has an Account Type field indicating whether it is a customer or prospect.

  • Account = A customer record that syncs with a business system record.
  • Prospect = Record was created in Handle and does not exist in Business System
  • Orphan = A record that originally synced in from the business system but may have been merged or deleted, this becoming disconnected from Handle. These are not hidden, deleted, or merged automatically for a number of reasons.


Account Details:

Example – Report on a list of Prospects created in the last 7 days

Orphan Accounts

Additionally, you can search on records that were synced at one time as accounts but have been converted to prospect records, e.g. Orphaned accounts. This occurs when records are removed from your business system by deleting or merging them.

  • Orphan = A customer record that synced from your business system but has since been deleted or merged in the business system.
    • Handle does not delete any records automatically, they are orphaned.
    • To find and manage Orphaned Accounts, you can also search by “Previous Account #.” This field contains the the previous account number before it was merged in the business system or deleted.
  1. Select Account List
  2. Add Search Criteria
    1. ‘Account Type’ = Orphan
    2. ‘Previous Account Code’ = all or part of previous account number
    3. Modify Operator if needed
customertraxFiltering by Account/Prospect