Accounts (Customers & Prospects)

Cut the number of calls needed to close a sale by 50% with Handle—A simple, smart, and speedy solution to manage your prospect and customer relationships.

Managing Customers and Prospects

Is there value in Account Management? It boils down to the simple truth: people (e.g. customers) expect you to keep your commitments and contact them when you said you will. Unknowingly, they also expect that YOU should reach out to them. Proactively contacting customers outside their buying cycle is one of the most effective things you can do to increase efficiency.  read more

  1. Key Account Management (Profiling)
  2. Tracking Partners (Agronomy, Nutrition)
  3. Account Contact Frequency –  Past Due Color Status
  4. Account Screen (Desktop)
  5. Account Screen (Mobile)
  6. Account Screen (VoIP Agent)
  7. Account Action Items
  8. Account History and Feeds
  9. Market Segmentation
  10. Account Equipment (What They Own)
  11. Account Locations (Addresses)
  12. Rental Contract Integration
  13. Update Account Info and Sync with Business System
  14. Account Assignment (Record Managers)
  15. Adding Prospects (Desktop)
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I look up Accounts? e.g. customer, prospect 
  2. How do I view account details? e.g. purchases 
  3. How do I view customers equipment list? 
  4. How can I see the history on a customer? 
  5. How do I add a new customer or prospect? 
  6. How do I manage duplicate prospects/accounts (merge)
  7. How do I delete duplicate prospects/accounts? (archive) 
  8. How do I customize the screen to only show what I want to see? 
  9. Can I update customer info? Will it update my business system? 
  10. How can I keep track of multiple addresses with my customer’s account? 
  11. If my customer has multiple accounts, how can I see all their activity? (account groups)
  12. How can I see all the Accounts I’m assigned to? 
  13. How do I create a list of Accounts assigned to someone else? 
  14. How do I see a list of customers who are overdue for contact? 
  15. How do I edit more than one item at a time? 
  16. How do I categorize customers by market segment or business sector? 
  17. How do I setup account assignments and call frequencies? 
  18. How do I see a list of prospects? 
  19. How do I export my customer list? 
  20. Can I view my account locations on a map? 
  21. Can I use my work calendar with Handle? 
  22. Can my saved search lists be delivered to me automatically?  

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