The Handle Administration Portal enables Handle managers and IT administrators to manage users, permissions and features that are available to Handle users. e.g.: Add/Remove users, View licenses, Server errors, Copy user configuration, Copy saved searches, Manage access and permissions and more!

Admin Tools

  1. Admin Tools – Getting Started
  2. Admin Tools – View License Count & Clone User Rights
  3. Admin Tools – Creating/ Deactivating Users
  4. Admin Tools- Update Basic Profile Information/ Reset User Password
  5. Admin Tools – Editing a User’s Profile
  6. Admin Tools- Inventory
  7. Admin Tools – Manager Access


  1. User Impersonation
  2. Mass Edit
  3. Archiving Data/ View and Restore Archived Data
  4. Editable Drop Down Fields
  5. Management Notes
  6. Management Access to view/edit other users
  7. Exporting Participants for a Mailer
  8. Importing Prospect Lists form any Source
  9. Target Marketing
  10. Setting up Management Reports