Handle Integrations

Handle’s data integration engine allows us to tie into any data source if allowed and configured. This integration allows for users/employees to access the data, and perform daily tasks all from one system, reducing the need for accessing/updating multiple systems. This can also reduce the licensing costs for other systems in your organization, if there is no cost to integrate those systems with Handle.

There are multiple ways Handle can integrate with other data sources:

    • Syncing data from another source. This is widely used to reduce the impact on your business system, and provides additional functionality in Handle. Synced data is updated on a set frequency.
    • Direct from another source, specific to certain data or areas where ‘Real Time’ information is required.
    • Sending updates/changes from Handle back to the original data source, often referred to as ‘2way Updates’. Anything in Handle can be updated and sent to the original source, if it is configured and your system allows for this.

Every system we integrate with has different structures, rules, limitations, and options.
Handle pre-configured integrations are listed below, more information on your business system available by request.

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