Inventory Management

Can I use Handle to track inventory (availability, specifications, pricing)?  A quick response can make the difference in closing a deal or losing it to competition. Product availability, specifications, and pricing are many times the critical pieces of information needed. The trouble is searching product information can be complicated with lots of different specifications, not to mention you are not always in front of a computer. Additionally, it can be a struggle for leadership to keep track of and manage the process. Handle inventory management makes it easy to  find what you are looking for,  create ‘hot lists’, and  take action by creating quotes. 

  1. Inventory Management Overview
  2. Inventory Hot List
  3. Viewing One or Multiple Stock Units
  4. Inventory Synchronization – Scheduled Updates
  5. EQUIP Integration – Updating Inventory
  6. Inventory Status Change and Timers
  7. Viewing Additional Costs and RO Details
  8. Hiding Costs on the Screen
  9. Printing Stock Unit Details
  10. Creating a Quote or Activity from Inventory
  11. Inventory Stock Unit Notes – Display in Grid
  12. Stock Unit Details on Mobile
  13. Mobile Advanced Inventory Search (v1.16)
  14. Marking Units Sold on Mobile
  15. Mobile Inventory – Show/Hide Costs
  16. Adding Inventory Notes/Memos on Mobile
  17. Offline – Mobile Inventory Saved Lists
  18. Machine Finder Pro Integration
  19. Dealer Inventory Tracking Integration
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I pull up a stock unit?
  2. How do I create my ‘Hot List’? 
  3. Can I mark a unit sold or update other data?  PFW      EQUIP 
  4. Can I update Inventory notes?  PFW       EQUIP 
  5. Can I create a new stock unit in Handle? 
  6. How often does Inventory data update in Handle? 
  7. Can I quote inventory from Handle using JDQuote2?
  8. Can I view more than one stock unit at a time? 
  9. Can my saved search lists be delivered to me automatically? 
  10. Can I create/edit a saved search list on mobile? 
  11. Can I view stock unit info when I am offline? 
  12. How do I hide stock unit costs when viewing with customers? 
  13. How do I change inventory status? 
  14. Can I view MFPro details from Inventory?
  15. How do I print stock unit details? 
  16. Can I summarize the results of an inventory search? 
  17. Can I see DIT info in Handle? 
  18. Can I see Rental Contract details on stock units? 
  19. Can I track Repair Orders and Jobs? 
  20. How does handle define the “Inventory Status” Field ( EQUIP)?

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