Target Marketing

Can I use Handle to execute my marketing strategy? What is required of an organization to sell is ever changing. In today’s marketplace, it is becoming critical your resources are with the right customers and prospects at the right time. You simply cannot afford to reach out to everyone in the same way. Most organizations have great marketing strategies. Many times the goal is the sales of a new product or service, an upsell on a previous purchase, or simply a way to provide more value to your customers and or prospects. All with the hope that it can be done with minimal effort.  read more

  1. Executing Marketing Strategies
  2. Creating a New Target
  3. Search by Territory or Assignment in Target
  4. Searching Financial Spend in Target
  5. Searching Past Purchases in Target
  6. Exporting Participants for a Mailer
  7. Importing Existing Account Lists
  8. Export to Target
  9. Creating Activities (Note, Call, Task, Opportunity, Case)
  10. Monitoring Target Progress
  11. Analyzing Your Data to Add Participants to a Target
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I create a new Target? 
  2. Can I create a list of customers or prospects?  
  3. How do I create a participants list by past purchases? 
  4. How do I create a participants list by profile data (e.g. market segments)? 
  5. How do I create a participants list by financial spend? 
  6. How do I create a participants list by territory? 
  7. Can I create a targeted list from my account or activity search?
  8. Can I assign sales calls or tasks to certain team members for follow up?
  9. Can I easily see the progress of activities assigned to team members? 
  10. Can I import a list of existing accounts into Handle? 
  11. Can I import a list of prospects into Handle?
  12. Can I create a mailing list from the address information already in Handle? 

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