Hardware Setup & Requirements

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  • VM Image Setup and Remote Access (if not hosted by JDOnline)
    • Add server image as Virtual Machine in VMWare/Hyper-V
      • Inform CustomerTRAX if you have a VMWare or Hyper-V virtual server, and if it’s in-house or 3rd party hosted.
      • CustomerTRAX will send download link for VM image file
      • Image needs to be added as Virtual Machine in VMWare/Hyper-V
    • Remote access to Server
      • CustomerTRAX will need remote access to the Handle server
      • Preferred method is LogMeIn – we can provide dealer install link to add the server to our account
      • Other options may include dealer providing VPN / RDP / Web Portal access


  • Handle Server Hardware requirements
    • We can/will provide a pre-built windows 2012r2 VM (Either VMWare or HyperV format) to assist in the set up process. This image can be used in existing VM host environments. It is pre-loaded with all the software and settings we need for Handle, OS licensing and OS/Domain configuration is the customer or hosting provider’s responsibility.
    • CustomerTRAX is not responsible for ongoing maintenance or failures related to hardware or the Operating System.
    • Minimum/Recommended Requirements


Minimum Dual Core processor: 2 Ghz or higher

Hard drive

2 Hard drives: 100GB each

Recommend RAID 5 or better (would require 3 drives)

Network Cards

Two Gigabit cards, (if) in case server is to be placed in DMZ or any dual honed environment

Power Supply

Two power supplies; (one) for redundancy


Minimum 8gb RAM – (12 recommended)


  • Handle URL Setup
    • Need to set up a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) URL that points to the Handle server
    • Needs SSL certificate for port 443 access
    • Public-facing URL is preferred to allow use of Handle mobile apps and user access outside of the dealer’s network


  • Business System Connection Info
    • The following information needs to be sent from the dealer to support@customertrax.com:
      • Is your Business System server in-house or hosted by a 3rd party?
      • EQUIP
        • EQUIP Database server name
        • EQUIP Database server IP address
        • EQUIP Database name
      • PFW
        • PFW server URL or IP address
        • PFW server library name
        • Need a PFW database login set up for us, with only read-only access required.


  • Business System Connection Setup
    • CustomerTRAX will use the info provided in the previous section to set up an ODBC connection to the Business System database
    • Connection is required in order to load data from the Business System to Handle


  • EIS / BSI Web Service Connection
    • Web Service connection is required for Handle to send data updates from Handle back to the Business System
    • EQUIP
      • Integration with EIS web service
      • Need to set up domain user login with membership in the EQUIP_SDK_USER group
      • Send user credentials to support@customertrax.com
    • PFW
      • Integration with BSI web service
      • Dealer needs to purchase BSI license


  • Handle Setup/Configuration
    • CustomerTRAX needs to complete several setup and configuration steps on the Handle server in order to get Handle up and running for your dealership


  • Data Load
    • CustomerTRAX will run sync processes to load data from Business System to Handle
    • May take several hours to complete


  • User List
    • CustomerTRAX will provide Excel user template for you to fill out
    • Send completed list to support@customertrax.com


  • User Entry
    • CustomerTRAX will add all users to Handle
    • We will provide the dealer with login instructions and user credentials for Handle


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