Home Screen Basics (Mobile)

customertrax 1. Handle CRM 1.0

When you login into Handle mobile CRM, the first page that displays by default is the Home screen. Home tells you what is overdue and due today as well as items you have been notified on. Further, you can review activity that has transpired on items you create, own, or are assigned to.
Additionally, you can search for accounts using the keyword search.

  1. Keyword Search –You can use the Keyword search field to search by:  CompanyFirstNameMiddleNameLastNameAccount#CountyCityZipWorkPhoneAltPhoneCellPhoneHomePhone
  2. Priority List:
    1. any activity (alert, sales call, opportunity, etc.) that is overdue or due today
  3. Activity Feeds – To see this screen make sure your mobile device is landscape
    1. Notifications
    2. Recent
    3. Upcoming
    4. Overdue

Looking up a Customer/Prospect

The quickest way to find Accounts (e.g. customers, prospects) is using the Keyword search. The Keyword search is available in the header on the Home and Account screens. When you tap to activate the keyword search, in addition to being able to type in search terms, your saved searches and search history will display below the search bar.

  1. Tap the search field at the top
  2. Enter your search criteria or tap on a list.
    1. This will display historical searches and any saved lists you have created on the desktop
    2. These are grouped and listed by Activity type e.g. Opportunity, Case, etc.
  3. Tap [Search]
  4. This search field will follow ‘All’ or ‘Assigned’ from the app preferences screen.
customertraxHome Screen Basics (Mobile)