Integrate your sales process, service requests, deliveries, invoicing, etc.

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When an opportunity to sell something has been identified, it must go through several steps / stages before actually closing the sale. There will likely be several conversations with the prospective buyer, internal discussion, inspections, appraisals, quotes, and work done by other departments to fulfill the sale.


The Handle framework gives you the power to integrate your entire process in one screen making sure critical steps are not missed and the right team members are queued in at the right time.

Most forms in Handle, like the opportunity form below, have an area on the left for any details pertinent to the form you are in. For example notes, attachments, media, etc. The right side typically has the forms or milestones associated with moving something through the process e.g. next call, assessments, quotes, requests for work by other departments, and paperwork required to settle a deal. Any form you use can be integrated into another form like the opportunity. Form values can be setup with smart defaults and autofill to create a quick and consistent workflow. For more information about building forms click here.

Manage sales process – Start to Finish

The Handle default Opportunity contains these relationships to quickly create the next step in the process.

Early Opportunity Identification

  1. Sales Call
    Schedule customer contact to provide them with and gather valuable information.
  2. Wants to buy (searching)
    If unit or item is not currently in stock, set Searching criteria to query multiple systems (integrations) and alert you when matches are found. Review and select possible matches.
  3. Wants to sell (trade)
    When trade-ins are identified, link from the Customer’s Account Equipment (Account equipment status will be moved to “Trade”).

Negotiating and Closing

  1. Inventory
    Search stock for item of interest. Create saved lists of common criteria. Schedule email reports daily/weekly for up-to-date lists in your inbox.
  2. Trade Assessment / MFPro Assessment
    Assess the value of the trade. Send to 3rd parties for additional review.
  3. JDQuote
    Create one or more quotes for customer (automatically sending info from Inventory and Trade).

Delivery and Follow-up

  1. Service
    Set up pre-delivery inspection, scheduled maintenance and plans.
  2. Delivery
    Coordinate pickup and drop-off of trades and purchases.
  3. Pending Stock Unit
    Create pending stock units from trades, to enter into inventory once approved.
  4. Invoicing
    Invoice and checkout customers quickly.


Example of opportunity process flow


customertraxIntegrate your sales process, service requests, deliveries, invoicing, etc.