Inventory status change and timers

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  • USAGE changes can be put on a timer as long as they’re initiated in Handle and not EQUIP.
  • Once the timer expires, the USAGE value will revert back to its previous state.
  • The timer is defined in hours or days and there is an option to exclude weekends.
  • USAGE timer is commonly used for “On Hold” or “Sold” and doesn’t apply to [Stock] or [Invoiced] values.
  • When you make a change to Inventory USAGE, Handle will present a pop up for additional information. Some changes are restricted. For example changing a unit from “Sold” to “Sold”
  • This entire screen is customizable. Fields can be set to either *Required or optional and can be customized per value.
  • Email notifications can be sent to update users of workflow changes
  1. New Customer field updates EQUIP [User Field 1]
  2. EQUIP Customer field is a searchable type-ahead field and will display Customers from EQUIP that exist in “Debtor Maintenance” It also updates EQUIP [Customer]
  3. Sales Person field updates EQUIP [User Field 2] and [Salesman]
  4. Comments field can update EQUIP Equipment notes (optional)

IF the Sales Person and EQUIP Customer fields are used in combination, the EQUIP field [Date Marked Sold] field will populate with the current date.


customertraxInventory status change and timers