Inventory Status field (Equip)

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How does handle define the inventory status field (Equip)?

Inventory Status is in Handle only and uses a combination of Usage, Stock Status or other fields to calculate a value. These values are recalculated when the sync runs, so you may not see the changes in the grid instantly.

Handle ValueEquip Value
Demonstrator(Stock_Status=S) + (Usage=D) + No Quote Exists
In Stock (Not Sold)(Stock_Status=S) + (Usage=S or Blank) + No Quote Exists
In Stock (Sold)(Stock_Status=S) + (Usage=G)
On Hold(Stock_Status=S) + (Usage=O)
On Loan(Stock_Status=S) + (Usage=L)
Pending (Not Sold)(Stock_Status=P) + (Usage ≠ G or A)
Pending (Sold)Stock_Status=P) + (Usage=G)
Pre-Sold(Stock_Status=S) + (QuoteType=O)
Quote(Stock_Status=S) + (QuoteType=Q or D)
Rental(Stock_Status=S) + (Usage=R)
Sold-Invoiced(Usage=L) or (Invoice# exists)
Swapped Out(Usage=W)
customertraxInventory Status field (Equip)