Inventory synchronization – scheduled updates

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  • Data Sync between Business System and Handle occurs every 30 minutes.
    • Updates from your business system to Handle take 0 – 30 minutes. (It’s scheduled)
    • Updates from Handle to your business system happen within 10 seconds. (It’s pushed)
  • Language Cloning – Field Visibility: We can rename or hide any field in Handle
    • Similar to “Language Cloning Maintenance” in EQUIP. This applies to all business systems.
    • Send Support a spreadsheet with the original field name and the requested field name to have any adjustments or changes made.
  • Updating fields: Although the business system will be updated with the change within 10 seconds, the Handle search lists will not reflect the changes until the next scheduled sync, which is every 30 minutes.

Search data is cached to keep searches fast even when/if the business system is bogged down.

When you select an inventory record data is pulled live (real time) when displaying the details.


customertraxInventory synchronization – scheduled updates