JDQuote Enhancements

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The JDQuote Integration in Handle has many new improvements:

  1. Select EQUIP CKC
    We previously added the ability to pick the CKC id’s from other quotes that are linked to accounts, in addition, we’ve now added any CKC id’s listed in the business system contact records.
    (CKC integration to JDQuote)
  2. Quote opens in new tab rather than new window
    When creating a new or opening a linked JDQuote from Handle, it will open in a new browser tab in the same window.
    (Create a quote)
  3. Search and link inactive
    Search for inactive JDQuotes and link them to an account.
    (Linking to unlinked JDQuotes)
  4. Error messaging
    If a quote fails to be created, we now display more detailed information as to why it failed.
    (JDQuote2 integration)
customertraxJDQuote Enhancements