JDQuote2 Integration

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JDQuote2 – Quoting in Handle begins with an Opportunity. The opportunity is designed to act as a folder to house all information around a deal to sell, price, and close. This assumes the opportunity is identified early in the sales process. There are however many times that opportunities are identified at the same time a quote is needed. when this occurs starting with an opportunity can seem like an extra step making the process clunky. The new Handle process streamlines the creation of a quote.

  1. Creating a quote faster
  2. Creating a quote from a opportunity/ account screen
  3. Creating quote from Inventory
  4. Creating quotes for prospects
  5. Reviewing/ Editing Quotes
  6. View your quotes and create reports
  7. Linking and copying from existing JDQuotes
  8. Identifying and reviewing unlinked quotes in Handle
  9. Fields that transfer from JDQuote to Handle


  1. Creating Quote
  2. Creating quotes for prospects
  3. View existing Quotes
  4. Update existing quotes
customertraxJDQuote2 Integration