John Deere Sales Center Quote & Integration

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Handle CRM integrates directly with John Deere Sales Center (JDSC) for creating quotes. Additionally, our integration synchronizes any quote data in JDSC from quotes that were created through Handle. This allows you to link any older quotes to business system customer records and or prospect records in Handle.

Creating New Sales Center Quote

  1. Select ‘JDSC Quote’ from the [+] in the navigation bar.
    (or you can select [New] from within a Customer’s record)
  2. Link the quote to a John Deere Customer Entity ID.
    1. If you have quoted this account from Handle before, you can select an existing Customer Entity ID
    2. If you have not, you must click [Search]

  3. When you click [Search] a new tab will open, log into John Deere Common Search with your Dealerpath credentials. If you are already authenticated in your browser you will not need to sign in.
  4. Search for and select the customer you are quoting.
    1. Clicking on the Name (underlined) will link that Customer ID to your quote and close the search window.

  5. Fill out remaining fields as needed to create Quote.

Sending Trades and Stock Units with your Quote

  1. Search to select a stock unit.
  2. Linking a stock unit prior to creating your quote will automatically send it to JDSC.
  3. JDSC currently requires an MFPro ID for a trade assessment to add a trade to a quote
  4. If it is linked to your Quote before you create for the first time, it will be sent to JDSC and added to your Quote automatically

Creating Lists / Reports on Sale Center Quotes

  1. Select ‘JDSC Quote’ from your Nav bar.
  2. Using Handle advanced search, you can search and create reports against your Sales Center Quotes.
  3. The following fields are available for searching/reporting.
quoteNumber poNumber
accountId primaryCustomerComplimentaryEntityId
accountName primaryCustomerEntityId
balanceDue primaryCustomerName
baseCodeEquipment quoteName
baseCodeTradeIn quoteStatus
bulletinNumber quoteType
category salesPersonName
createdBy score
createdOn secondaryCustomerComplimentaryEntityId
customerNotes secondaryCustomerEntityId
dealershipNotes secondaryCustomerName
equipmentCount serialNumberEquipment
equipmentDescription serialNumberTradeIn
equipmentMake simulated
equipmentModel source
equipmentType stockNumberEquipment
expiresOn stockNumberTradeIn
hasDemo storeLocation
important tradeInCount
leadAccountId tradeInDescription
margin tradeInMake
modifiedOn tradeInModel
poEditable type

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