Keys To Effective Marketing Campaigns

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What is required of an organization to sell is ever changing. In today’s marketplace, it is becoming critical your resources are with the right customers and prospects at the right time. You simply cannot afford to reach out to everyone in the same way.

Most organizations have great marketing strategies. Many times the goal is the sales of a new product or service, an upsell on a previous purchase, or simply a way to provide more value to your customers and or prospects. All with the hope that it can be done with minimal effort.

These plans always involve several team members and lists, usually spreadsheets. The lists are distributed to those involved. Some complete their tasks; some don’t. Either way, understanding where the projects are at and seeing the success or failure is difficult. The end result is a lot of headaches and discouragement when thinking about ever doing it again.

Handle’s Target Marketing module was designed to address these problems with execution, as well as, make it easier to develop the strategies. Target gives you the ability to analyze your existing datasend it to a new or existing Targetpush out follow-up activities, and monitor the progress of the campaign. Additionally, you can export results to .CSV (Excel) to import them into other systems, and or import prospect records without impacting your backend business system.

Important note:

In developing organizations these strategies come from the top down. It’s difficult, almost impossible, to develop strategies like this during day to day activity. Your team is busy putting out fires with little time to stop and look around to assess. Even if the time did exist strategic marketing decisions almost always require additional knowledge.

There is no silver bullet solution to effective marketing. Good marketers will all tell you the key to success is targeted lists and testing. Start by creating small targeted lists and testing them. The objective is to learn; not to blast out as many mailers as you can and hope something sticks.

Tactical Steps:

  1. Create participant lists to segment and focus marketing efforts
  2. Import customer lists from other systems to expand reach
  3. Assign sales calls or tasks to team members for follow-up


customertraxKeys To Effective Marketing Campaigns